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Walking is one of the most uncomplicated forms of exercise. Hardly anyone, though, recognizes that walking can have innumerable benefits for our health. You may fail to realize this, but walking is more than just building your leg and calf muscles. Few people love walking, while others would not even bother doing themselves a favor of getting a glass of water. History bears testimony to the fact that human beings in earlier days lived a longer life, and this is directly related to them using walking as a primary means of transportation.

An ancient belief claims that feet reflect the whole body. As per this belief, the soles of both our feet have nerve endings which connect to various organs of our body, and when we apply pressure to these points, we are actually aiding healing to the organs which it leads to. This is popularly known as reflexology, which simulates the feet with a given amount of pressure for relaxing the body.

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Other Health Advantages of Walking

Walking for about half an hour daily, besides reducing risks of a heart attack, also lowers your chances of getting a stroke. It has been proved that people who are habituated to walking have successfully brought down both these diseases to a very low level. Circulation in the body is aided by walking. It also helps in clearing the clogged arteries which usually lead to hypertension. As per experts, walking for thirty minutes every day can give a big boost to the hearts intake of glucose, besides making the arteries flexible. In fact, a little more walking, say, forty five minutes, could even increase the carotid elasticity by nearly fifty percent.

Walk Everyday

Doctors often encourage heart patients to walk regularly. As said, walking has a lot of heart benefits, but besides that, it can also aid in losing weight, which is a very important determinant of a good health. Walking is beneficial for the brain as well. Experts have concluded that apart from exercising regularly, walking, too, can help the brain be in good health. In fact, it is reported that people who have the habit of walking nearly five miles in a week have a bigger brain, which means they have better memory and mental abilities compared to those people who prefer to not walk as much. The reason is that walking helps in building the connective circuits which make up the network of the brain.

People who have been diagnosed with clinical depression or any such other illness should stick to a prescribed treatment. Walking would, for sure, be a good add-on to treating some conditions. Just a half an hour walk could do a lot of positive good for the mood of an individual, improve overall cardiovascular health and even fight obesity. For being effective, many people have already made walking a part of their daily schedules which keeps them in the habit of walking and motivated to walk all the more, inspiring others as well.

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