Replace Dead Grass With Quality Boise Sod}

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Replace Dead Grass with Quality Boise Sod


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The lawn is the most impressive part of your yard, garden or other green area. When trying to repair your lawn and using fertilizers and seeds aren’t working there is still another good option which is sod. Sodding is very simple and easy if you know what to do. Putting sod in your lawn to replace a dead area of grass involves a few simple steps.

When going to purchase the sod, make sure to buy one quarter to one third more than needed just to be safe. Now, it is time to prepare the soil that you are going to replace. There are several benefits of soil preparation before sodding.

Benefits of Proper Soil Preparation before Sodding are as follows:

The complete soil preparation improves density and uniformity.

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It offers faster recovery from wear.

Proper soil preparation offers less use of water, fertilizers and chemicals.

Helps in reducing maintenance.

So, to make the task easy and simple, cut the grass area in square patterns to match the sod. Also, remove another inch of good grass around the dead area so that the sod will have a better chance of molding in with it.

If you do not cut the good grass around the dead area of grass, there is a chance that there will be a section of dead grass in between the sod you have just put in and your lawn. Remove about 2 to 3 inches of dirt in the area and then replace this with fresh topsoil. You can mix some types of fertilizers to enrich the soil and make it better for the sod when it is planted.

For effective sodding, make sure the dirt is well compacted and there is enough space for the sod to be placed even with the rest of the grass.

Now, it’s time to cut the sod and place it down. Cut the sod from the bottom where the dirt is rather than trying to cut through the grass layer. This process makes it easier and allows you to cut straighter paths. Make sure to use a sharp knife when cutting the sod. The next step is to lay the sod and compact this down so that it has a firm connection with the soil. After doing all these steps, the most important part is watering. Constant watering is required for the area of sod that you have just replaced.

The main advantage of sod is that you will have a beautiful, usable lawn much quicker. There is no doubt that seeding your lawn is cheaper and does not require as much labor, but it takes much longer to have a usable lawn.

Under such circumstances, the Turf Company is offering quality Boise Sod products for homeowners and landscapers to provide greener life. Their unique turf grass products include: 4Evrblue, Enduraturf, Shadowmaster, Teton Blue and many more.

So, experience the benefits of sodding with Boise Sod disease-and-weed-free products.

The Turf Company, based in Boise ID offers premier quality turf grass sod for homeowners as well as landscapers across Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Utah. For more information visit our website

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