Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Darren Hayes has decided to make a press release in a few days of nameing and shameing the famliy of his new artist Nina Petty. Darren hayes has taken Nina under his wing and has written her debut Album Black Out which will be released in December this year. He has lashed out at social media giant Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook Get this famliy off facebook they are a bunch of disbelieving scum. Nina Petty’s famliy have eccused her of lying doing Fake Profiles and taking Drugs. They have also eccused her of lying about her Job which she studied very hard to get the diploma. Nina is a Dr Professer Of Music which she has recently recieved but due to her not having a very close famliy and the fact they haven’t wanted anything to really do with her due to past mistakes that she had made they dont know what she has been up too. Nina Petty told Darren that I dont tell them anything cause they dont believe me. Untill one day Nina Decided to share some really exciting news with a certain famliy member who she thought believed her so she got this certain celebrity to contact her through messager on Facebook. Nina Felt darren said for the first time in her life one of her famliy members believes her and she was real happy. Another famliy member on that same night decided to message her and tell her to stop the nonsence stop doing fake profiles Nina was really hurt by this and her partner couldn’t believe the disbelief in this person who has come to there home only twice in the whole time he has been with Nina just to up and leave within a hour after not seeing her for so long. Ben Pickett Nina’s Partner will not have this person in thier home again after the way this person is friends with all the people that wish to bring nina down and not believe her and call her the most disgusting names. This other famliy member who said they believed her decided to turn around and say i want nothing to do with you your toxic and your father would be ashamed of you after believing her days before and speaking on facebook to this celebrity. who this famliy member believed she was doing a fake profile and it was nina not this certain celebrity. Mr hayes has also said that the celebrity that this famliy member was speaking to on facebook has decided to join and help darren with other celebrity’s to prove to this famliy once and for all nina did something with her life and yes she knows us. and her day in court with the backup of her celebrity friends who have been eccused of being Nina. Darren has said she is a beautiful talented artist with a voice to kill for. who has been told she should stay home and be a mum and stop the nonsence when her own partner Ben pickett has told her to get back out there. Ninas partner Ben Pickett is so proud of her he has said she is a really good mother partner she always puts us first before anything else. This is her time now to get back out there. Darren Hayes wont take this slander anymore and this person knows who they are and has turned everybody against Nina. Also the theft nina was surposed to of commited has been proven by Centerlink that they were the ones that didn’t put the money in the account when nina was on a disabilty payment. which this other famliy member has slanded false allegations and threatens legal action all the time when this person and husband have been paid in full by nina. Darren has Said back off see you in court.