Local Business Plan: Do Affiliate Marketing Sales}

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Local Business Plan: Do Affiliate Marketing Sales


Jeff Schuman

In my view any business plan for local business owners should include adding revenue streams from the internet. This is so easy to do I am amazed more small businesses are not doing any of these.

1. Sell information products online. People are coming to your site for information so why not sell it to them?

This could really be helpful in rural areas where businesses struggle to come up with new ways to increase business. Let me give you one example.

Let’s say that you have a retail store in a small town that sells nutritional supplements. Why not promote ebooks that people would be interested in reading offering solutions to health problems.

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You could promote that directly in your store and send people back to your company website where they can order. You can either create your own ebook to sell or join an affiliate programs such as ClickBank to do it.

2. Start a blog with Blogger.com and link back to your website with it. Join Google Adsense and make money every time someone clicks on one of the ads Google provides for you.

If you do not have time to write hirer a blog writer to do it for you. As your traffic increases so will your Google income and you never actually sell a product to make money.

3. Join affiliate programs such as Amazon.com and others and sell physical products on your company website. Just because people are not buying directly from you does not mean you can’t make money!

As a matter of fact this is an excellent way for you to take your business out of your local market and expand it to a national or even worldwide business. This is an excellent strategy to not only increase your sales but also increase your profitability!

The overhead on affiliate marketing is very low. The majority of your expenses come in the time and money you spend promoting on the Internet.

Because there is no physical product for you to handle you do not have the stock inventory, collect money from your customers, or ship any products.

4. Add an autoresponder to your website and publish a weekly or monthly newsletter. Create flyers and hand them out to your customers encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can then update them on any promotions you are running directly to their email. This is a good way to build a mailing list and increase potential business in the future by doing advertising in your company newsletter.

These are a few tips that every business plan for local business owners should include. Attempting to grow your business online is smart. Although you run a local business you can target new customers all around the world and this is something you must do.

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