Potty Training Your Dog Mistakes To Avoid}

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Potty Training Your Dog – Mistakes to Avoid



Well it’s true. The old “rub the dog’s nose in it” technique simply does not work! Worse, it can damage your relationship with your dog, causing your dog to mistrust or even fear you. Instead why don’t you take your puppy outside and then give him lots of approval when they do their potty outside. For example, have a treat handy and give it to them.

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Also realize that potty training is not a race. You don’t have to rush doing it. Take your time, because dogs are creatures of habit. Another mistake newbie puppy owners do is scolding him if he has an accident on the floor. Take out your puppy instead to his designated area and get him to make the duty again. If the potty training area is where your puppy goes again, then say your key words and give him a treat.

Dog owners confuse the look on the face of a dog with that of a human. Many times they say ‘but the dog knows that he did wrong, just look at his guilty face’. Wrong. Dogs are either alpha dogs, or submissing, that’s the only way it goes with them. So a dog, if he’s submissing, will avoid eye contact with the alpha dog. And that is what dog owners take as a guilty face. So don’t confuse the two!

Do not leave a water bowl and food dish out for him to feed at all hours of the day. This will cause problems if you are not around to check on the situation. You need to keep a close eye on your puppy during this potty training phase, as it’s one of the most important and basic trainings you need to do as soon as you get your new pup.

Avoiding the common (or not so common) mistakes and implementing the sound tips that Know your Pet is describing will take you a long way towards having a totally happy relationship with your puppy, and having a clean puppy too!

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Potty Training Your Dog – Mistakes to Avoid


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